Mix the powder, adhesive, lubricant, etc. with water evenly and fully knead, then use the hydraulic press to push the piston, and extrude the plasticized billet from the extrusion nozzle. As the inner profile of the extrusion nozzle gradually shrinks, the piston exerts a large extrusion force on the mud mass, making the billet dense and formed.


The ceramic membrane tube obtained by extrusion molding has a large porosity, density and compressive strength, and the pore size distribution is concentrated, and the gas permeation flux is large, which is an excellent ceramic membrane tube. It is suitable for the manufacture of round, oval, polygonal and other shaped pipes or rods.


The material has low strength and is easy to deform, and may produce defects such as surface pits, blisters, cracks and internal cracks.

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