About Ceramic Rollers

Ceramic roller is a kind of refractory material in roller kiln, as the role of bearing and transmission in the furnace. With the development and production of ceramic,roller kiln is widely used in building sanitary ceramics, daily porcelain and specialty ceramics. The requirements of refractory material used in furnace is continuous improvement, especially for strength and high temperature mechanical properties of roller presented updated requirements. Alumina ceramic rollers is the development trend for ceramic rollers, because they fully meet the various needs of ceramic tile production, with the other advantages which other ceramic roller can not be of.

Ceramic rollers project is a key component of modern industrial track kilns, and can transmiss and bear ceramic products at temperatures of up to 1400 °C。

Alumina ceramic roller has good high temperature resistance, hardness and carrying capacity is very strong, Alumina ceramic roller is widely used in high temperature furnace. It can be used to fire wall tile, glazed floor tile, sanitary ware and so on.

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