Disadvantage of Cordierite Ceramics

Cordierite ceramics is a porous ceramic material with the advantages of low thermal expansion coefficient, high porosity, and high strength. It is often used as the core component of high-temperature dust removal, waste gas treatment and other environmental protection equipment.

However, cordierite ceramics also have some disadvantages, such as:

  • Slightly less heat resistant and cannot withstand excessively high temperatures.
  • It is difficult to ensure the uniform distribution of the pore-forming agent in the blank during the preparation process, resulting in uneven distribution of pores in the product and affecting the stability of the product performance.
  • Cordierite porous ceramics with complex pore structure and small pore size cannot be prepared.
  • Due to the high expansion coefficient of cordierite honeycomb ceramics, there are problems of short service life and narrow application range.
  • During the preparation process, the requirements for raw materials, molding, sintering and other process conditions are relatively high, and it is difficult to control the cost and quality.
  • The mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of cordierite ceramics still need to be improved.

No material is perfect, and although cordierite ceramics have some disadvantages, it still occupies an important place in industrial products.

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