Shenyang Vhandy Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing ceramic parts (ceramic part / ceramic compont / ceramic componts). Ceramic parts refer to the mechanical parts made of special ceramic materials through mixing, molding, sintering, processing and other processes.

The special ceramic materials that VHANDY can provide to customers include alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics,  aluminum nitride ceramics, etc.

As an inorganic non-metallic material, special ceramic material has many properties that metal materials do not have, such as: high strength, high hardness, high elastic modulus, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance .

At present, VHANDY’s ceramic molding process technology has been fully matured, ceramic materials can be made according to customer needs, a variety of non-standard shaped parts, replacing metal parts become critical parts.

From the point of view of aerospace and military, the high-temperature resistance of special ceramics can be used in the spacecraft’s thermal insulation tiles, intercontinental missile warheads, and rocket nozzle components.

The civilian range is also quite extensive, such as the commonly used engine combustion chamber, piston top, rotor, corrosion-resistant impeller, wear-resistant pipes, bearings, bushings, ball valves, seals, screws and many other areas that can replace metal parts.

VHANDY–ceramic compont manuafcture (ceramic component manufacturers / ceramic parts manufacturers)

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