VHANDY is a leading manufacturer of advanced / technical ceramic products from China. We supply quality technical ceramic materials and components with competitive price. Our fine ceramics were exported to all the world.

Our available materials for sale are: high purity alumina(Al2O3) ceramics, zirconia(ZrO2) ceramics, Boron Nitride, machinable glass ceramics, metallized ceramics, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Carbide etc.

Our production process is as belows: Raw materials–Hot Press/dry press/ C.I.P.—-CNC—sintering—Vibration Cleaning—Grinding/Polishing—Inspection—-Packing.

ItemUnit95% Al2O399% Al2O399.7% Al2O3ZTA
% Al2O3%959999.770
Firing Temp°C1680170018001600
Flexural StrengthKgf/cm²3000350035004500
Compressive StrengthKgf/cm²25000300003000045000
Fracture ToughnessMPa/m3~43.845~6
Max Operating Temp°C1450160017001500
Thermal Expansion(RT to 700°C)
Thermal ConductivityW/m°K22252727
Volume Resistivity20°C1012101210121012
(ohm – cm)10101010101210121012
Dielectric StrengthVolts/mil210216220210

VHANDY 99% alumina oxide ceramic grinding rods are particularly suitable to be used as supports in industrial plants, mechanical treatments.

The technologically advanced production process and integrated quality controls, allows to obtain ceramic products perfectly spherical and smooth surface with strong thermal stability and chemical inertness, in absence of dust.

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